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May 28, 2010
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The links to cosplay tutorials are below in the artists comments, but here I thought it would be nice to give idea's for the photography side of cosplaying. Feel free to shout out any idea's you want added here.

Idea's For Where To Photo-shoot:
-Brick Wall
-Japanese Garden
-Train Tracks
-Field Backdrop
-Science Center
-Sky Scraper Back Drop(Even better with Neon Signs)
-Indoor Garden
-In an LRT
-Coffee House
-Snowy Park Bench
-The Sky
-Somewhere with Reflective Glass
-Put A White or Black Sheet Over a Door/Something Else/ Use it As a BG
-The Cosplay Guide(Link from TinkerTrex): [link]

How To....
-Cosplay a Guy: [link]
-Open Shirt Binding: [link]
-Make Cosplay Wings: [link]
-Make a Swimable Tail:[link]
-Swim in the Swimable Tail: [link] from Colt-Kun
-Put On a Wig: [link]
-Put On Make-Up: [link]
-Do Centered Zippers: [link]
-Make Shoulder Armor: [link]
-Demon Wings: [link]
-Elf Ears: [link]
-Wash A Wig: [link]
-Make A Boot Cover: [link]
-Spike A Wig: [link]
-Make Pigtails(Wigs): [link]
-Make Fake Metal(from TinkerTrex): [link]
-Straighten a Wig(Linked by TinkerTrex)[link]
-Sew a Bow(Linked by TinkerTrex)[link]
-Para Obi(Linked by TinkerTrex)[link]
-Spanish Fingerless Gloves(Linked by TinkerTrex)[link]
-Staw Sandals(Linked by TinkerTrex)[link]
-Male Expressions(Linked by TinkerTrex)[link]
-Top Hat(Linked by TinkerTrex)[link]
-Leg Warmers(Linked by TinkerTrex)[link]
-Circle Skirts(Linked by ShaniaWolf)[link]
-Cosplay Jewels(Linked by ShaniaWolf)[link]
-Cat Ears(Linked by ShaniaWolf)[link]
-Wounds(Linked by ShaniaWolf)[link]

By Anime/Game...
Naruto: How To...
-Make a Kunai: [link]
-Make A Ambu Mask: [link]
-Make A Ambu Vest: [link]
-Sukura's Dress: [link]
-Susuke's Rope: [link]
-Gaara's Gourd: [link]
-Forehead Protecter(Linked by Shaniawolf): [link]
-Tie Sasukes Rope(TinkerTrex): [link]
-Akatsuki Cloak(TinkerTrex): [link]
Zelda: How To...
-Make Link's Hat:[link]
Silent Hill: How To...
-Nurse Mask: [link]
Kingdom Hearts: How To...
-Kingdom Key:[link]
-Demyx Hair: [link]
-Sora Shoes: [link]
-Sora Shirt(TinkerTrex): [link]
Final Fantasy: How To...
-Vivi Hat:[link]
-Reno's EMR:[link]
-Yuna's Skirt:[link]
-Tying Yuna's Obi(link from Chiru2008)- [link]
-Yuffies Shuriken(Link from TinkerTrex): [link]
Dragon Ball: How To...
-Cosplay Videl(Linked by TinkerTrex)[link]
-Goten's Shirt(Linked by TinkerTrex)[link]
D.N. Angel: How To...
-Wiz Head(Linked by TinkerTrex)[link]
-Daisuke Hair(TinkerTrex)[link]
FMA: How To...
-Automail(Linked by TinkerTrex)[link]
Salior Moon: How To...
-Sailor Glove/Sleeve(By TinkerTrex)[link]
Eternal Sonata: How To...
-Crescendo's Belt Bling(By TinkerTrex)[link]
Bleach: How To...
-Nel Tu Mask(By TinkerTrex)[link]
-Zabimaru(By TinkerTrex)[link]
Vampire Princess Miyu: How To...
-Kyuuketsuki Miyu Hair(By TinkerTrex)[link]
Tokyo Mew Mew: How To...
-Sage Choker(By TinkerTrex)[link]
Vocoloid: How To...
-Headset(Linked By Shaniawolf)[link]
-Vocaloid magnet wings/headphones(jazfun57) [link]
-Vocaloid Leg Warmers: [link]

Photo Editing:
-Basic Photo Editing: [link]
-Eye Editing: [link]
-Photo Retouching: [link]
-Chidori Sasuke(Naruto):[link]

-Portrait Photography(Download):[link]
-Portrait Photography:[link]
-Photoshoot Do's and Don'ts(TinkerTrex):[link]
-Edit Portrait Pictures(TinkerTrex):[link]


Know More Cosplay Tutorials here on DA or off DA? Feel free to link them for us, and after we will put a link to your acount up here. Please put it in the same format as above.

Cosplay Groups:
-Old Style Groups:

New Style Groups:
:iconpaopu-destiny-pro: :iconcosplaycircle: :iconcosplayclubofcanada: :iconcosplay-love: :iconcosplayonline: :iconcos-club: :iconthecosplaygroup: :iconcosplayersrus: :iconcosplayanimes: :iconcosplaycommunity:


:icontinkertrex: :iconshaniawolf: :iconchiru2008: :iconjazfun57: :iconcolt-kun:
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BirdMan-Hwah Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2013
Sasuke and Itachi (Naruto) Eye Makeup Tutorial:…

This list is so incredibly helpful! I hope it continues to expand.
ibdjenn Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
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need a new tutorial for -Open Shirt Binding: [link]
but all this is great!@!!
mahou1 Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
I really need sewing patterns for mogami kyoko's suit, but I don't find anything close to it- not a free jumpsuit online, not a loosed top with collar and loose pants, I really am frustrated. does somebody knows any good sites where there are free sewing patterns that are similar to what i am looking for?
Thanks a lot for all helpers.
woopsadaisy10 Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2011
Sylars-Apprentice Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank so much for compiling this list!! It's so useful. :heart:

This is an AMAZING tutorial for Hetalia cosplayers you may want to add. [link]
ll-Hidden-ll Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2011  Student General Artist
thank you ingenious person for helping us. :) now we can get our cosplays done without a hitch. you saved our butts.
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oh, thank you very much! You helped me a lot!
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this is so helpful :D it's really great for someone to take the time to do this with the many cosplay tutorials on DA
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This is going to help me sooo much!
Thank you!~
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